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Maximum Used Cars for Sale in Sydney

Yes, we have your next car ready for you! Pick the perfect model from our vetted and inspected selection of used cars for sale in Sydney. Buying a used vehicle can be overwhelming, especially when your knowledge doesn't extend beyond the basics of filling the fuel tank and pumping the tyres. However, you can drive away knowing that every car, ute or van from Sydney Car Sales is thoroughly checked and warranted mechanically sound.


Why Look at Pre-Owned Cars for Sale in Sydney?

Buying a second-hand vehicle has many benefits, even if you can afford a new car. We have found that most buyers benefit from the exceptional price-to-value ratio for used cars. This is especially true when looking at brands such as Toyota, Mazda, and Honda.

Depreciation of a new vehicle can be between 15 to 20% per year, sometimes making it possible to bargain purchase a well-maintained, two-year-old vehicle with low mileage at an astonishing 60% of the “new” price. The reason for this is that the first owner bore the brunt of the depreciation calculation.

However, buying a pre-owned car is best done through a trusted used car sales business in Sydney. We make sure that every vehicle that we offer for sale is properly inspected and tested with full disclosure of any mechanical or other problems and accident history.


Always Buy Your Used Vehicles From Sydney Car Sales

We are a family-run business with over 30 years of experience in used car sales in Sydney, using that time to build a solid reputation with our customers. Our team of salespersons and mechanics are passionate about all types of vehicles, always going the extra mile for you.

Our stock of utes, 4x4s, SUVs, vans, sedans, hatchbacks and other cars for sale in Sydney – be they petrol, diesel or hybrid – are thoroughly vetted for approval to be on our showroom floor.

We have finance and warranty options and evaluate your trade-in vehicle. If you are looking at used cars for sale in Sydney - drop by our family. We’ll help you with a reliable ride anywhere in the metro.